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Regis & Kelly


Henry's trying to sort it all out. He's got a dog named Poop and an apartment with Sarah now, so that's good. But Sarah's domestic violence has gotten out of hand, and it looks like Henry's going to have to get a job. Bummer.


This piece was orginally found in The San Antonio Current February 2-8, 2013 issue and can still be found at their Flash Fiction blog.


Fuck Raymond Carver


Struggling to publish his first work of fiction, Todd is thrilled when a major literary magazine accepts his story. But when the magazine sees similarities between Todd's story and a Raymond Carver story, they pull the plug just before the issue goes to print. Enraged by the accusation, Todd plots revenge and plans a trip to Philadelphia, telling his wife they are going for a Valentine's getaway. This can't end well...


These first four chapters of the novel were accepted by Booth Journal in 2011.

Selling Her


Desperate for work, Henry takes a job selling vaccuum cleaners door to door in the heat of a San Antonio August. It's been weeks and he hasn't earned a single dollar. But when he sees an opportunity to swindle an impressionable old woman, Henry pulls out all the stops to make his first big sale.


This piece was accepted and then rejected by a major literary magazine; they thought it looked too much like a Carver story. The good people at Raleigh Quarterly knew better, and picked it up in 2009.

Sadly, The Raleigh Quarterly is no longer in existence and their online archieve has been shut down. Email Todd directly if you want a look at this story.


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